Professional Profile

Hey, I’m Alysha! You may have read a little about myself in the sidebar however this is somewhat different as it’s coming from a more ‘professional’ standpoint about my journey into PR.

I’m a 19 year old self-confessed social media addict, currently residing in Leeds however, I’m a northern girl who was raised in Sunderland. I’m currently so close to finishing my second year of studying PR and Communications at Leeds Beckett and I LOVE it here. I spend most of my time searching for a thrify bargain in the local charity shops so that I can afford good food in the wide range of restaurants Leeds has to offer and buy more eyeliners than a girl really needs… and studying of course!

I love to travel and hopefully want to travel the world with PR for my career once I’ve finished my degree.


My love of PR started in Sixth Form when I discovered that it allowed me to perfectly combine my two favourite subjects, Media Studies and English Language, whilst allowing me to be the creative person that I am.  So far at Uni I’ve covered a whole host of modules such as Global Business Environment, Marketing Communications, PR Skills and HR and Accounting which have really opened my eyes into the business world.

PR embodies everything I love about life; creating mutual relationships with new people, and as a bit of a tech geek, I’m most interested in how the practice is adapting to the ever changing digital world. Although my blog covers a wide range of topics (All things Aly covers everything I love) I hope that my PR posts inspire both experienced practitioners and those new to the field and establish me as a thought leader.

Outside of University I’ve gained a one day a week placement at a small, yet wonderful agency, known as Clearsilver. They have given me incredible experience that I feel have truly prepared me to work full time in industry, such as creating media lists, writing press releases and improving upon my more personal qualities such as networking at events. You can see my experience in my portfolio (here).

Although I’ve loved being a part of a small group and my time at Leeds, as a person who is always thriving for new experiences and curious to see what the next city has to offer, when it came to applying for a sandwich year placement I bit the bullet and applied for one of the largest brands in the world…Disney!

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to land a place at my dream job as Disney’s Regional Communications Intern for EMEA, which means I’ll be moving to London for a year this Summer. As someone who loves to explore new places and meet new people I’m so excited to see what the big smoke has to offer and to learn from some of the most innovative minds in the industry!

As a student I’m obviously still learning however thanks to the combination of works experience, University, as well as keeping a current interest in stories and stunts, I feel like I know enough to disseminate my thoughts and opinions with you all and hopefully hear yours in return!



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