Top hair tips I learned from Disney princesses

  • Hair accessories are COOL

Who said accessories should just be for our bodies. From Snow White’s simplee red bow to Rapunzel’s more boho floral wreath, Disney princesses surely know how to accessorise their hairrapunzel.

  • Don’t fear the chop

Mulan taught all of us that sometimes a good chop is exactly what we need to boost our confidence and become the person we truly are. And I don’t mean a few inches etc..Mulan certainly didn’t mess about when she hacked her long hair into a sassy bob.


  • Embrace your natural hair

Straightening, curling and dying your hair to it’s death it so 2007 as Merida from Brave kindly showed us. Instead embrace what you have! Frizzy hair? Invest in some decent serum. Dull colour? Buy some shine spray to accentuate your natural do as opposed to changing  and damaging it.


  • Braids are best

Bad hair day? Braid. Greasy hair that you don’t have time to wash? Braid! There are sooo many different types too such as scalp, fish and waterfall and they’re the perfect, EASY, way to hide a multitude of sins as Pocahontas so elegantly shows us.


  • Go au naturale

It couldn’t be a Disney hair post without saluting the hair goddess that is Ariel. She taught us that a little sea salt can go a long way in terms of giving you bounce and volume. It also highlights that in some cases natural products such as coconut oil (for shine and moisture) and obviously sea salt are the most efficient way to get good hair.



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