Think Pink: A short rant

When informed that one of my modules would entail creating a blog my mind went into full Pinterest mode. What theme will I use? Shall I buy a new £500 camera to take the best quality pictures I can? And most of all, and what this post is about what colour scheme shall I use?

In order to help us with our blogs we had small workshops led by Prohibition PR owner, Chris Norton, one of which was on the importance of colour. He informed us that blue, green, yellow, black is more than just a colour but something that represents you. Which is why I chose pink; it’s my favourite colour and since my domain is ‘All things Aly’ I feel like it represented myself the best.

However, after previewing my blog’s theme to friends, family, course mates and colleagues, in most cases I received the same feedback…”Isn’t pink a little bit unprofessional?” Which got me thinking, why do so many people have this view?

From practically birth we are instilled with the notion that pink is for girls, and blue is for boys. As we get slightly older, and something I realised from an early age, girls toys are painted the brightest shades of fuschia whereas I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Action Man in a pink pair of shorts. I even once heard a man refer to a pink t-shirt as salmon. Yes, you read correctly, a grown man would rather compare his t-shirt to a FISH, than give it the proper term pink.

It seems that as time has gone on the colour pink has become associated with not just girls, but thanks to the likes of Barbie, ‘bimbo’ stereotypes and has consequentially become an unprofessional colour to use. Which is why I am taking a (small) stand through my blog by sticking with my colour scheme of pink and joining the likes of Bridgete Prentice in the fight against the pinkification of young girls. I hope to show through my thoughts and opinions that pink can be professional and isn’t a colour for females that don’t know any better.

For some more interesting articles on colour stereotyping and how women and men are reclaiming the colour you can click here and here!


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