Campaign of the Week: April Fool’s Edition

Beefeater’s Steak Tan

Combining my two favourite things; steak and fake tan this was always going to be a winner. The restaurant chain promised to release the world’s first fake tan made with ‘real steak juices.’ The tan came in three very punny shades; rare, medium and well-done.



Sticking with the theme of food (shock) my next favourite was McDonald’s restaraunt on the moon…mainly because my sleep deprived self forgot it was April 1st and believed it. That was before I found out it entailed a two storey high building with a launch pad of course.




Well,  this wasn’t intentionally meant to be a food only April fools post but here we are, going for the hatrick.  The campaign stated that research has been carried out so that us humans could figure out which joke the penguins found funniest for the penguin biscuits and would consequently be put on the wrapper.

Experiments included; playing jokes over the speakers, letting the penguins slowly walk towards which one they preferred and telling the penguins the jokes in person to see which one got the best response.



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